Laundry & Cleaning

 We pick and deliver your laundry within 72 hour’s for any inquiries call customer line.

Laundry and Cleaning Services

Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services

Corporate Laundry Services

What we do

    • 1. Professional washing and ironing of clothes
    • 2. Removal of stains and sweat odours
    • 3. Clothes refreshing

    • 1. Dry cleaning, steam cleaning & pressing of delicate clothing
    • Wool, cashmere, nylon, rayon, silk, cotton, leather, suede, denim
    •  Suits, gowns, cardigans, jackets etc

  • 1. Professional pressing of different linen and clothes
  • 2. Professional starching of shirts for crispness

  • Upholstering shampooing or dry cleaning & Protection
  •  Leather steaming cleaning & Protection
  •  Floor carpet and fabric extraction
  •  Carpet & Fabric protection
  •  Removal of pet hairs & odour
  •  Removal of stubborn stains

  • Disinfect & professional clean your carpet the modern way and use within 24hours
  • 2. Removal of pet hairs and odour
  • 3. Removal of stubborn stains

    • Sofas & chairs cleaning
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Steam mopping of Tile & Terrazo Floors
    •  Glass Doors & Windows steam cleaning
    •  Window Blinds & Curtains cleaning
    • Air conditioners steam cleaning & disinfection

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You can depend on us to help solve all your pest control needs and all form of Weed Clearing